The living room is the main room in an apartment or house. Of course, it should be the largest, with more windows than in other rooms. This room can nicely combine the functions of the dining room, home picture gallery, cabinet, library. The living room should look bright, spacious and hospitable.

The living room is the most important part of the house

Have you ever wondered how important the function of the living room in your home is? Here you receive guests and relax, and maybe sometimes have dinner … Of course, in order to fulfill all these functions, the living room must be properly designed and arranged, because this is the “heart” of your home.

In the interior of the living room should be visible to your personality, your style. And all that is in the living room should be comfortable and cozy.

For the living room is usually allocated the largest room in the house. That is, in this room is always spacious and it is here that you have unlimited possibilities for planning decisions
We offer you several ideas that will help you create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your living room.

Color Solutions

If you often receive guests, it is preferable to use warm tones in the living room, which create an elevated mood in the room. If the living room is a place of rest and relaxation, it is necessary to stop using cold tones. For a good rest is better than calm pictures and natural colors, nothing to find. Feel free to use in the interior such dominant colors and shades as milk, linen, light beige, light green, tender blue or fashionable light yellow (lemon). Only in such a living room you and your guests can truly relax.

Pillows are the main decorative element

Each room in the house has its own purpose and carries a certain semantic load. The bedroom serves as a place of rest and the living room is the corner where we can spend a pleasant time in communication with family and friends. Nevertheless, the layout and size of the apartment do not always make it possible to separate these premises, and you have to create a universal space. If you want to create a sleeping place in the living room, you first need to decide for yourself whether you will have a separate bed or an air mattress.

Each of the options has a number of own advantages. If the bed is temporary, for example, for guests, the best option is an air mattress. If you prefer the classic design of the living room, then the bed will fit more harmoniously. Proper zoning of the room will create the right interior.

You can decorate the bed place by cushions, which can be placed on the bed and sofa. When choosing a pillow as an element of the interior, you need to consider the dimensions of the sofa. On a massive sofa, you can arrange a few large pillows, but a small sofa just hides behind an immense pillow.

In the presence of small children or pets, it is recommended to choose easy-to-clean pillows. In other cases, you can choose the material based on your taste preferences and financial possibilities.

However, it is necessary to clarify the nuances of care when buying. This is the only way to protect the material from early wear. Happysleepyhead found that the most popular pillows are ones with synthetic or natural filler.

Make an accent with the help of an aquarium

It is also a popular subject of design. It brings to the apartment a piece of natural nature, which is so lacking in the modern city, pacifies, helps to relax after a hard day’s work. And, of course, an aquarium is a bright spot in an apartment.
A large one with exotic fish will become an original decoration and it is illogical to hide one in the bedroom. He wants to be placed in the most prominent place so that you can admire them more often.

Use the shelves and photos

The most positive memories of your life have every right to become objects of decor. Put in the frame of the photo from the holidays, children’s drawings or objects of their own creativity. Walls, consoles, a portal of a fireplace and bedside tables on a sofa is an excellent place to arrange and hang up painting and a photo.

Such trifles can be a perfect background for your visual center, whatever it is. But do not overdo it.
If you arrange a large number of small things around, then they can easily destroy another, more valuable and functional element by their diversity. If you have a habit of exhibiting all such pleasant trifles on display, treat them generally as no less important than, say, the TV, the center of your room, and take them to her in a separate place.

Lighting and its influence on the home coziness

A significant role in the interior of the living room is played by lighting. Since most often you are here in the evening, so soft, muted light is very important. Sometimes the chandelier serves like a compositional accent rather than a source of light, so a crystal chandelier, for example, may not have light bulbs (unless of course, you do not arrange balls). A variety of side lights should match your occupations, to illuminate the living room area you need two or three lamps, a pair of floor lamps or a sconce with a swing mechanism, put one vintage lamp next to a sofa or a bench table, put another lamp on the coffee table. Thus, you will illuminate the entire room and its functional areas but keep a pleasant and relaxed evening atmosphere. Check out more ideas about living room lights on Pinterest.

Do not be afraid to express your ideas, expertise and create your unique style and comfort in your home. We wish you courageous and successful ideas!