If you’re fond of trees and have several around your home, it pays to check their condition from time to time. Trees, no matter how harmless they seem, can sometimes pose a safety risk to you, your family, and your property.

To prevent any damage and harm from happening due to dangerous trees, watch out for these key signs that indicate a tree should be taken care of immediately. Don’t wait for an injury to befall your family before taking an action.

Multiple Trunks

While trees with multiple trunks don’t necessarily pose a safety hazard, they are prone to splitting when strong winds and hurricanes occur. They can fall on your property, or worse, fall on you or your loved ones, so taking measures to prevent this from happening is advisable.

Broken branches

Another sign that screams dangerous tree is broken branches. Cracked limbs can easily fall on people and property, leaving them hurt or injured. Check the trees around you and immediately remove any broken branches when you see one to prevent any harm from happening and to maintain the safety of everyone in the area.

Fungal diseases

If you notice signs of rot and the presence of fungus in a tree, consider totally removing them, as they can indicate a disease or infection. When a tree is infected, it will only be a matter of time before it dies, making it susceptible to broken branches, and falling on people and property.


Cavities can occur due to stressors that plague a tree, including fire, fungus, hurricanes, and improper pruning and caring. Cavities are signs of decay, which can weaken a tree. This means you’ll have to face falling trees and broken branches when strong winds occur. Check your trees for the presence of holes; if any are found, call for assistance in taking down the tree.

Sprung roots

A tree with sprung roots is also considered dangerous and poses a safety hazard to people and property. Such a defect is an indication that the tree trunk will eventually decay and fall, causing severe damage. Examine your trees from time to time for sprung roots, and if there are any, reach out for help as soon as possible.

Trees are essential to people and the environment, and taking care of one or several in your yard provides many benefits. However, it is also important to remember that they can pose risks to our safety. That’s why it’s vital to discover signs that indicate a tree is dangerous. If you see any of the key signs discussed above, don’t hesitate to call for help from a tree-care service provider. The professionals from Bellarine Trees are skilled in assessing a dangerous tree and helping you stay safe

Daniel Stone

Daniel has worked in the management, cutting, and caring of trees for the last 20 years. He works and helps run Bellarine Trees and is passionate about the environment and tree worker safety. He has a wife and two daughters and he enjoys playing tennis in his spare time.