Omega Watch

Omega is a brand that needs no introduction, this brand is famous for the sophisticated style and their exquisite skills of watchmaking. If you are looking for some of the best functional and complicated watches then you need to get your hands on a real Omega watch because this brand is the only one that can help you pull off a classy and decent look. The best part about Omega is that their watches are globally famous for their durability.

Now, it is an undeniable fact that Omega is an expensive brand because they manufacture some of the best luxury watches in the world. Now, in such a situation you obviously need to watch out from the counterfeits who try to cash them in on the brand name, and it’s image of endurance. In fact, now these counterfeits have started replicating the Omega Speedmaster professional too, they copy every tiny bit details of the watches that it actually becomes difficult for an average person to notice.

So, if you are interested in buying an Omega watch then you should definitely know what you are looking for, and you should beware of the fake ones out there. Want to know how to spot a fake Omega watch. Here are a few guidelines that can help you do that;

1-The Dial

There is always something written on the dial, and mostly people don’t even notice it. But if you want to save yourself from a scam then do read the text on the dial carefully, check the spellings and check the spacing and formatting too. Most of the times, the fake Omega watches have spelling errors and engraving mistakes too.

2- The Logo

When it’s an original Omega watch, know that the logo of Omega is always a separate metal piece attached inside the dial. But when it comes to a fake Omega, the imposters usually paint the logo. So, the next time you are checking an Omega watch, pay some close attention to the logo and how it’s placed.

3-The Hands

One of the most obvious ways to identify if the watch is fake is to check the hands. You see, most of the luxury brands like Omega design their watches with Swiss movements. Swiss movement basically means that the second hand of the watch always comes with a fluid motion and never makes the ticking sound just like the Quartz watches. Now, if you see the Omega watch in your hand making a ticking sound or if you see the second hand stutter a bit then you can bet that it’s fake.

4-Date Compilation

Every Omega watch comes with a specific seven or eight digit serial number which actually correlates to the specific model. This number is always stamped on the watch and if you search the serial number, just make sure that it is exactly in accordance with your watch. If you see any discrepancy, know that there is something wrong with the watch.


These are a few ways that can help you differentiate between an original Omega and a fake one. Use these tips and make sure to pay close attention to every single thing while you are buying any brand. We assure you that after reading this article, you won’t ever get scammed with a fake watch.