Digital Marketing

Globally businesses are transiting to complete digital transformation. As a corollary to this digital transformation businesses needs to have a strong digital presence to stay relevant in a market that is overcrowded and competitive. The spectacular success achieved by digital marketing in helping certain companies rise above the competition is an indication of how a right strategy can make the difference. Statistics reveal that one-third of businesses have digital marketing strategies integrated into their regular marketing strategy, while almost half of the respondent businesses adopted digital marketing, without any focused strategy. Let’s dive deeper to understand why a strategy is as important as the decision itself.

How A/B Testing Offers Actionable Insights

In a data-driven world, nothing works better or more conclusively that the power of information extracted from data. A/B testing, a perfect example of a data-backed analysis offers companies actionable insights into strategies. In other words, businesses need not have to take a chance with a gut feeling or an instinct about a particular digital marketing strategy but can rely on real feedback for insights to understand and gauge user response. Reputed agencies like rely on proven data-backed insights to help clients take the right decision.

For instance, a call to action button on the bottom of a page is generally used to appeal to customers, by offering additional information or discounts for first-time sign-ups. There may be a toss-up between positioning a CTA at the bottom of a page that has technical information or positioning the CTA in the landing page of a site. Using A/B testing to understand effectiveness will help to take the right decision.

The Need To Rely On Hard Statistics

Rely On Hard Statistics
Most businesses are in a hurry to go ahead with a campaign. Consequently, marketing campaigns are designed without taking into active consideration of the targeted audience. A product that is exclusively used by a cohort of users needs to be promoted in a manner that will appeal to the audience. Various factors need to be considered; and this could include people of a particular age group, or maybe a geographical destination, a common interest etc. For instance, products that are marketed for anglers need to be promoted in communities and forums where anglers share information and updates. This will ensure that the business can reach out to new members on the forum. Rather than converting a customer of an existing brand, the chances are higher when it comes to connecting with new prospects.

The Need To Never Ignore Micro Conversions

Micro Conversions
Most businesses often look at conversions and tend to ignore the micro conversions. For instance, a prospect visiting the site may not find the need for the service or the product immediately. However, it is also highly likely that the prospect could be a very strong candidate for conversion in the future. The challenge is in ensuring that the prospect remains engaged with the business in some manner to make the business the first choice for the product or service when the buying decision is made. This can be achieved by offering a free sign up to a newsletter, or a prebooking with a huge discount, or a bundled offer of services or products at a discount.