Rugs and curtains are one of the soft delicate things of the house. Not only do they get dusty and dirty but also they start to lose their color as time progresses. In most times, the rugs, carpets and the curtains of the house start to show dull colors and become blackened over time. People often tend to clean these by the same common means of other household cleanings but the reality is that these delicate fabrics don’t remove stains or they’re worn out a color. On the other hand, these certain fabrics don’t need daily cleaning rather they need some occasional cleaning like once in two months or so.

Most people use ordinary means when they are cleaning the carpet but here some new bright ways a person can clean carpets, rugs, and curtains:

1). Powder Cleaning

Powder cleaning is a simple and an efficient way to clean your carpet. This method doesn’t require any rocket science or high fi knowledge for a person rather simply sprinkle the powder over the carpet which you want to clean and leave it to mix with the carpet stains. It is a better option to leave the powder on the carpet for more than one day to really get the stain off the carpet. Once a day has passed, simply vacuum the carpet and the stain will be gone. This is effective for removing the stains from the carpet and carpet cleaning Engadine focuses primarily on ways to have the carpet sparkling like new.

2). Carpet Shampoo

Carpet shampoo is again an easy and effective technique when it comes to cleaning the carpet. Not only will it:

  • Clear stains and spot marks
  • Give a fragrant scent
  • Also, make the carpet sparkle with colors

Simply by applying the carpet shampoo on the carpet and scrubbing on the desired area will get all those nasty stains out from your gorgeous carpets or rugs. But a fair warning is that don’t wet the carpet too much when trying to clean it otherwise it will take more time to dry up. Professionals often make sure to keep the scrubs just a little above moist so that it is better when trying to get those stains off.

3). Homemade ways

If nothing else is available and you have to clean the carpet or the rug urgently then a few things like the soda and water can remove the coffee stains and as such. Similarly, salt is yet again a perfect alternative for use. Salt can easily get those hard stains off in less than fifteen minutes. By simply applying that on the desired place and cleaning it; the stain will remove and will give you a more elegant and versatile look.
All these methods make the carpets, rugs, and curtains look stunning and brand new. Infrequent cases, people hire some professionals who can clean their carpets, rugs, and curtains but it can also be easily done by people with a little bit of effort from their side.