Lap Band Surgery Procedure

The need for surgery in most cases is born out of extreme situations with the best alternative being to get a surgery done.

There are several forms and type of surgery which get done within a hospital on a daily basis. Some of these surgeries are minor while some are major surgeries that can lead to life loss if not done urgently.

Lap band surgery, for example, is a surgery born out of the need to lose weight and live a very healthy and long life.

Although the surgery is targeted at an obsessed patient, it is also perfect for anyone trying to reduce the stomach size.

Taking in excessive food beyond what the body needs will usually always result in wastage. This excesses which usually ends up stuck within the body tends to be absorbed by the stomach which in turn forms a fat residue within the stomach.

This residue eventually forms a mass of fatty component which leads to protruding belly. As the residue gets bigger it tends to spread to all part of the frontal body, from the neck down to the lower belly area of the body. This process of absorbing excess residue of food by the stomach is referred to as malabsorption.

The Lap-band which is also referred to as the Adjustable Gastric Band (AGB) is used to correct and almost eliminate the unnecessary accumulation of excess food residue by the stomach.

The AGB works by being implanted in the stomach upper region. This inflatable band then compartmentalize the stomach into two parts, with the first parts being above the AGB, while the second part which is bigger than the first part, stays below the lap band.

How It Works

This first part is the part where all the action takes place. The AGB works by reducing the amount of food needed before satisfaction is reached by the body.

In obsessed patient, since the stomach is bigger, the amount of food needed to fill this stomach before satisfaction is reached is also greatly increased. With the lap band surgery shutting off the flow of food to some part of the stomach (second part) the food needed before satisfaction is reached gets significantly reduced. Also, the lap band helps to clear the pathway of food to the digestive system, as a result, excess food items do not stay within the body; it becomes expelled out of the body through the digestive and excretory system.

Since the band is adjustable the gap between the two portions of the stomach can be easily filled with the infusion of saline. This sterile saline helps towards adjusting the size of this open area over a period of time, which is quite an important part of the surgery.

However, it should be noted that the main function of this procedure is to increase the speed at which food reaches the digestive and excretory Systems of the body. This way no wasted food is stored in the stomach and there is sure to be a drastic loss in the number of calories the body stores.

As simple and straightforward this procedure seems, there are very few surgeons who are experts in it.
One such consultant surgeon is Dr. Jason Maani, Australia’s top Bariatric Surgeons. He specializes in Lap band surgery amongst other types of surgeries.

For people looking to get a lap band surgery done, make sure to do your findings well before deciding on which surgeon to work with as there are many low-level surgeons out there who are not experienced and can make your situation worse.