As you join the university to build a career, it is essential to get involved in social life. Fortunately, when you enter university, you become independent, and you have to make both social life and academic decisions on your own. To balance the two, you need to be disciplined.
However, living in an apartment will limit your social life. It takes long before you make friends, so, you are left out of social life. But, depending on how social you are, it might be as simple as sipping cold coffee.

But, usc social life depends on the money you have. Some students have cars which make easy for them to commute to other places for parties while others prefer house parties. Nonetheless, spending time at the same venue becomes boring. But, it’s crucial to understand social life does not only involve partying. Join a creative social group.

Here are the options you can choose from:

Community work

Volunteering is fulfilling. Community work requires students who love to work and clean the community. Sometimes you have to travel further from school, and there is a high possibility you’ll meet other college students. Community work is one of the activities you can easily make friends.

Spiritual meetings

Spiritual life is as important as reading. Besides, some people get their life partners from the religious gathering. The spiritual fellowship provides a platform on which the students on their final years and first year to interact. Through this interaction, you learn a lot about the school and the community.


Basketball, netball, football are some of the games you can join. These games provide a channel through which you can showcase your talents and if possible, get picked by the national team for your abilities. Some of the top footballers were discovered through the football team they joined in college.

So, if you’ve never played any sport, consider joining one. Besides, the teammates become friends, and your campus life becomes more comfortable with friends from all corners of the school.

Recreational facilities

This includes the gym. It’s essential to keep fit. Therefore, join a gym and get scheduled. Exercising three times a week will ensure you meet with different people on different days.

Art and landscaping groups

If you love to draw, look for an art club and explore other people’s talents along with yours. Also, join the landscaping team. Anything that involves working outside should be your interest. Choose something that jogs your mind. USC social life doesn’t have to be a game of chess. Make it enjoyable and straightforward.

Swimming and trip clubs

There is a group of students who love to travel. Once they are done with classes, they hire a bus or car depending on the size of the group and take a trip around the city. It’s relaxing and fun. You get the chance to discover the beautiful world and potential residents after campus. Also, swimming is a way to make friends because you will meet different faces each time.

Social life is essential because it exposes you to real life. You get the chance to interact with different people from the different geographical area. This way, you learn about different cultures and traditions. Gaining this kind of knowledge improves you as a person and how you view things. Therefore, choose a social life that builds you as a person. Above all, be yourself.