Looking nice rarely has anything to do with the amount of clothing hanging in your closet. The essential thing is to know how to dress appropriately and have the best clothes only. How can you improve your wardrobe? In this article, we have prepared some tips for you.

Build an essential wardrobe that consists of items that you can enjoy for years Your clothes should be able to withstand for a long time and must, therefore, be of the highest possible quality. Essential wardrobe includes well-fitting jeans, a nice jacket in a neutral colour (mid-grey, anthracite grey, brown, camel, black, dark blue) and a blouse. Complete these clothing items with a cute skirt or lovely trousers. You can also buy a plain dress in a primary colour (red, green, purple, etc.). A trench coat is a piece of clothing that you can enjoy for three seasons of the year.

Less is More

Spend more on sustainably produced clothing that suits you. An additional advantage: with expensive clothing, you are often happier and wear it longer. Also, while buying superior clothes, you choose only pieces that suit you the most.

Buy fewer clothes, ask yourself if you need it, or ‘does it spark you.’
Only buy what fits and lasts longer in your wardrobe
Don’t get rid of clothing after every season or fashion trend
Buy the best quality that you can easily afford, these pieces will last longer and will be more wearable

Take good care of your clothes

Polish your shoes on time and remove stains quickly from your clothes. Also, wash clothes at low temperatures and skip the dryer. Your clothes will stay beautiful longer.

Moreover, you save a lot of energy. Did you know that in the entire life cycle of an item of clothing, most of the power gets used when washing? If you want to read articles about costumes, or if you want to buy stylish clothes, visit Chesca.

Find out what suits you the most

Knowing what looks good on you prevents from buying unnecessary items, and without that knowledge, it is challenging to put together a workable wardrobe. Yes, so do thorough research on what suits you most and buy only looks good on you.

Improve your closet arrangement

Not only getting the right clothes will not help you to improve your wardrobe. There are many things we have that goes on different styles. Like some tops go better with one pair of jeans, that’s why we need to find out what goes with what. So we need to arrange our closet for a better understanding of style.


Now you have all the tips you need to style by improving your wardrobe. Be savvy and straightforward to slay. Well, you need to sharpen your style knowledge too to make your wardrobe amazing. Don’t worry; we will come up with more tips and tricks. Follow all the tips and let us know your experience with those tips.