It is hard to imagine getting by in our routine without a knife. You do not have to be a chef or a hunter to find a use for your knife. There are times when you will find yourself wasting time looking for something convenient to slice through packing. Individuals who are practical and prepared are most certainly to have a little pocket knife tucked away somewhere for easy use. With a large number of models of knives available online and in stores, it may be difficult to choose the right one. Here’s a little checklist you can use.

#1 Weight of the knife

Remember it is supposed to be a pocket knife. This means that you intend to carry it around. Imagine having to carry a heavy one with you. It certainly is not a very bright idea to carry a heavy knife. In the event that you find it necessary to have it in your backpack, or a pocket, a heavy knife will damage the material and make it inconvenient. Bottomline – Choose a pocket knife that is lightweight.

#2 Blade quality and shape

If you checkout the Edc knife reviews at you will realize the importance of having a knife with a high performance blade. In other words, the quality of the blade needs to be superior. A sleek blade will be perfectly useful and will help you to slice through objects of everyday use with lesser effort. The shape of the cutting edge or tip is also important consideration. It needs to be remembered that pocket knives are generally intended for multipurpose use and hence the tip/edge needs to be shaped in such a way as to permit all round use. Take a look at the types of edges commonly available :

Serrated edge – Ideal for use on tough to cut materials, a serrated edge is necessary to cut through plastic, tough leather and other materials that are hard to slice through.

Fully ground edge – Ideal for use on substances that are easier to slice through, fully ground edge knives are suitable for slicing through fruit, skinning fruit, and other common uses on the table, or at an outdoor kitchen.

#3 Ease of opening/locking

Most pocket knives are foldable types. With the possible exception of knives meant for use by individuals in game hunting, most individuals prefer foldable knives. You get two benefits from a foldable model – compact and safe. A foldable knife is compact and will occupy less space. Similarly, a foldable knife is relatively safe when compared with a model that is sheathed.

It is important to choose a model that permits easy opening and closing. This will make it an all round knife. Imagine having to cut something in an emergency and not being able to do it fast, because your knife opening mechanism is complex or stuck. Choose a model that is easy to open and easy to lock with one hand. You may never know if you have both your hands free to open or close it, hence choose one that allows you to handle it with one hand.