Times are tough.Many Americans are looking for ways to earn some extra money. Getting a second job is an alternative many of us rely on, but what if even that is not enough? Do you go out and get a third job? It’s not like you need a full eight hours of sleep, after all, and putting food on the table trumps relaxing every time. The problem with this approach is that it is extremely tiring.

Sure, you need the money, but you work hard enough during the day as it is. You want to be able to knock off at a reasonable hour and spend some time with your family while they’re still awake. Otherwise, you’ll end up being a virtual stranger in your own home.

Have You Considered Working From Home?

That’s where a legitimate work from home option can come in handy. You get to fit in your working hours to match your schedule, so your main work is never affected. There’s also the fact that the commute to your home office couldn’t be easier. So, working from home is a good option.

The question then becomes, “What to do from home?” Now there are tons of books out there that promise to teach you how to earn a passive income. It’s true, it is possible to make a passive income, but it’s not as easy as they make it out to be.

Most of the time, those people who sell their failproof systems make their money through these sales, rather than the information products that they talk about. The truth is that these information products are a lot of work to set up and then market.

If you’ve already put in a full-time day, that’sa lot of work to come home to. Then there’s the downside – you might or might not sell enough to make decent money. Even if you get bumper sales, that money only comes in when you’ve completed and published your book.
In the interim, no money for you. So, on reflection, creating your information product or book is also not all it’s cracked up to be.

Getting Paid for Your Opinion

This is one job that everyone would love. There’s no furious planning, no trying to figure out what people want to read about, just giving your honest opinion. Does anyone pay you for that, however?
Well, marketers are interested in what the general public thinks. They create surveys to find out people’s opinions on a range of topics. It could be a simple survey to find out what brand of laundry detergent you use. It could be a survey to find the best look for a logo.

The point is that marketers all over the country need the public’s opinions. Of course, they do understand that people are busy, so they sweeten the pot a little. You can earn some money or another form of reward by answering surveys.

It’s not much money, but it all adds up. It’s the closest thing to free money that we can think of – all you have to do is to answer a series of questions and watch as your revenue grows.