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Getting rid of bed bugs is no easy job and that’s because they’re great on hiding and reproduce extremely fast. The egg stage is resistant to many of the treatments out there so you may not have success with just one attempt.

Can you eliminate the infestation problem on your own?

Getting rid of bed bugs is challenging and there are some things to take under consideration:

  • How much space is infested with bed bugs
  • The specifics of the space you need to clean
  • Is there anyone else in the house to help you with the infestation?
  • Is your home cluttered?
  • Are any of your neighbors dealing with bed bugs too?

You should know that, when you’re doing it on your own, it may take you several weeks or months, depending on the extent and nature of the infestation. You’re not going to be able to use the professional methods (which are more effective and pricier too. It can get up to $7/sq. when using a professional method). Using the traditional methods is going to cost you less (even less than $500), but you shouldn’t expect results overnight (especially if you’re dealing with a severe situation). However, you can always opt for They offer a collection of bed prevention and extermination products, which are meant exactly for people who don’t want to pay expensive exterminatiors. And the best part is that DisabledDiscounts is offering Say Bye Bugs discount codes and you can save up to 50% on your next order.
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What are the steps to follow?

Since you’re going on your own, you should follow some specific steps, especially if you’re determined to be successful.

  • Identify the problem

First thing to do when having to solve a problem is to acknowledge you have one. Here’s what you can do for establishing that you’re dealing with bed bugs infestation:

  • Take a good look at the infested area and the surrounding spaces as you need to determine the extent of the infestation
  • Are you sure it’s bed bugs and not something else? You can always get a sample and show it to a professional in entomology
  • If you live in an apartment you need to let the landlord know too. The surrounding units are going to have to be inspected as well. If that’s your situation, the landlord should be involved as well.
  • Put a strategy together

Organization is essential when trying to get rid of bed bugs on your own. Here are the things you need to take care of:

  • Use a calendar for mapping out every stage, according on the recommendations
  • Keep records through the entire process
  • You need to monitor the infestation on the long term so that you’re positively sure they’re all gone.
  • Make sure that the infestation doesn’t spread

Not only that you need to eliminate the bed bugs from the infested area, but you also need to keep it under control, making sure that the bed bugs aren’t going to move elsewhere in your house.

  • Empty the vacuum after every single use
  • Seal the bad and throw it in the outdoor trash
  • Place anything from the infested room in a sealed plastic bag
  • Place the items that you cannot treat in a sealed plastic bag, for a very long time. Keep in mind that bed bugs may leave up to a year without feeding.
  • Try to clean the furniture from the bed bugs. Seal any cracks of it
  • Get rid of your furniture if you cannot clean it. It’s better to destroy it so that nobody else is using it.
  • Talk to a trash collection agency so that it picks up the infested items.
  • Get ready for treatment

No matter how much you’re tempted to jump into treatment, try to fight it and prepare the treatment very well. You need to take all the steps in order to be successful. No matter if you’re the one completing the treatment or you end up by hiring a professional, preparing the treatment is going to ensure a higher efficiency in the end.
kill the bed bugs

How to kill the bed bugs?

Simply using some bed bugs sprays isn’t going to do it so you should take the following thoughts under consideration as well:

  • Take a look at the non-chemical methods to get rid of the bed bugs. Some may even work a lot better than expected. Here are some suggestions:
    • Steam cleaners (wet or dry) may get into the deep cracks and fabrics as well so they’re a great solution for treating baseboards, bed frames, carpets or various pieces of furniture. The temperature shouldn’t be lower than 130F degrees but don’t use the forceful airflow, as you may scatter the bed bugs. Use the diffuser instead.
    • You can have a go with the cold treatment too, just make sure the freezer is set to 0F degrees. Place the items in the freezer and leave them there for 4 days or so. Use a thermometer for checking the temperature as the freezer may not always be set to 0F degrees.
    • Use the clothes dryer as a heat treatment. Some black plastic bags in the sun on a hot, closed car may work too.

Note: These methods may help, but they may not help you get rid of all the bed bugs around the house. However, they’re quite cheap and you don’t need to buy any equipment or solutions as you’re using what you already have in your home.

  • Use pesticides if you think it’s going to help you with the infestation. Make sure you read the label directions and keep in mind the following tips as well:
    • The bed bugs should be listed on the label
    • Get EPA-registered pesticides
    • If you’re going to use bug bombs (foggers), you need to be extra careful as you may injure yourself during the process
    • You should use the foggers as a single method to get rid of the bed bugs. Keep in mind that the spray isn’t going to get to the crevices and cracks of your furniture so it’s not going to be 100% efficient.
  • Once you’re done with the initial cleanup, make sure you look really carefully for any evidence of bed bugs. If there are any left, it’s because the first time some individual managed to get away or some of the eggs have hatched. Finding and eliminating all eggs is even more strenuous so you’re going to have to retreat.
  • Try to combine various modes of eliminating the bed bugs in order to be 100% successful.
  • You can always use These drying agents are effective as they dry out the bug, but use only the desiccants registered as pesticide. Even though they’re efficient, it may take a couple of months until you solve the whole problem.

One final piece of advice

Getting rid of bed bugs on your own is doable but only if you follow the rules and have the patience for it. If you think you’re overcome by the whole problem, it’s better that you leave it to the professionals. You may have to pay the extra buck for it, but they know their business.

You should inspect your home at least the first weak after the treatment. Use some interceptors and place them under the legs of the furniture, so that you catch bed bugs. You don’t want them to get to climb the legs. Simply coating the legs with some petroleum jelly may work, but there are other ways to do it so.

Remember: keeping your house clean and tidy is fundamental for keeping bed bugs away from your home so don’t get lazy!