Your home office could be the place that you run your business, or it might be the place where you go to get away from it all. The home office has to feel like a sanctuary if you want to get things done when inside, and it is just too hard to do that if you are surrounded by clutter. You could completely change how you use the office if you have decluttered, and you need to read below to see what you must do to complete the process. There are twelve steps below, and they all bring you a much nicer office space.

1. Throw Out Things You Do Not Need

You have to start your decluttering process by actually getting rid of the clutter. Throw away all the things that you do not need. You probably have old magazines or newspapers in your office that you are not reading. You have stacks of periodicals that you have never read, and they need to go. You know that you will not read them, and that is ok.

You also have to get rid of all the books in the office that you have never read or will not use again. You know when these books are not doing anything for you, and you should take them somewhere that you can sell them. You pick up some extra cash that you could use to redecorate the office, and you need to remember that these books could be traded in to buy movies, games, or other books that you will actually read.

You need to get rid of all the trash that is in your office, and you must replace a big trash can with a very small and professional trash can. It is pretty hard for you have a nice office if you have never gotten rid of that big trash can you put in there. You need to remove all the extra furniture you are not using, and that might also mean you go for a small desk. This alone is the most important part of your office. A big desk does nothing for you because it usually take up too much space in the room.

2. Stop Hoarding

You have gotten rid of all the clutter in the room, and you must stop hoarding all the things that were in there in the first place. You must make a commitment to living a much more minimalistic lifestyle, and you also have to make certain that you have an accountability partner who knows that you might have a tendency to board. They could tell you if you have started hoarding again, and they will stop you from piling things into your office.

This also means that you should bring in smaller and more compact things to use in the office because the office needs to have extra space that you created by thinking minimalistically.

3. Move Your Desk

The desk that you have must be moved to a spot that will give you more room. You might have put your desk in the middle of the room so that you could make the room feel like the office of an executive. You also need to remember that it is fair for you to put the desk along the wall. Put the desk somewhere that you can see the door, but line it up with the wall.

Moving your desk usually opens up the room, and you can completely shift the seating for the room. If you have a new desk, you could put it in a place where it takes up the least amount of space. You also need to remember that you have a whole room to look at it you move to a new spot. You will cut out a space where you used to hoard things, and now you can organize around the desk.

4.  Add One Piece For Seating

You need only one piece of seating for your office. A lot of people try to make a seating area with extra chairs, and they then try to put in a couch. You also need to remember that your office is not an office that you have seen on TV or in the movies. You should remember that you have a little space for something like a small couch or loveseat. You can host many people on the couch, and you can work across the room. You have saved space, and you do not need to have a coffee table. Your guests just sit on the couch and enjoy it.

5. Hide Your Wireless Router Or Ethernet Jack

The Ethernet jack and/or wireless router in your office must be hidden under or behind something. You could put the desk in a spot where you might hide the router, and it is easy to slide your couch or bookcase in front of the jack. You must remember that hiding the jack or router is not only an aesthetic thing. The wires and cables that come from the jack or the router get in the way, and it is pretty easy for you to overtake the room with cables and wires that just get in the way.

The wireless router and jack should be hidden, you can tie up the wires so people cannot see them, and you will never trip over the router or have people stare at that instead of look at the walls. Remember that you can have a much better looking office because you tucked away so much of your technology.

6. Lay Down A Rolling Chair Mat

The rolling chair mat is something that carves a space where you can roll around the chair. You also cannot put anything else in this space because you plan to move around and do work in that space. You cannot even set down your briefcase or bag in this space because your chair will run over it. That means that you have much more room in the office that makes it feel less cluttered. You made a spot for yourself that you can use every day, and it is very simple for you to have the space that you wanted just by doing this. The rolling chair mat might be the first thing that you do.

7. Put Your Bookshelves Around Your Desk

Your bookshelves should be on the same wall as your desk. That means that you have taken up one wall in the office with all this. That means that you could have only part of the office filled with things while the rest of the office is not so dark and overrun by books and your desk. That also means that you can see all your books and magazines from the desk. It is very easy for you to reach your books when you do this, and you have already gotten rid of the other books that you did not want.

8. Dedicate A Wall To Pictures And/or Degrees

You need to dedicated the opposite wall in your office to the pictures and degrees that you have to hang. You should not fill the whole office with these things because that tends to make you look kind of egotistical. You should put all those things on one wall so that you can cluster than altogether. That also means that you could have the degrees altogether where you can look at them when you turn around to see the people that have come into your office.

9. Get A Nice Door

You should get a nice door because you need to have a nice way to get into the office and also shut off the space. When you have a nice door, people do not just put things in your office. You do not want to have an open doorway for your office because that also makes it feel too loud. You might want to put more entertainment gear in your office to make it louder, and closing the door means that you have the sanctuary and you want to enjoy how the room looks. Pick out a door you love, and remember that you should get a lock so you can have one privacy.

10. Put In A TV

Put in a TV that you can watch and tuck into a corner. You might even put the TV in a cabinet that is closed and looks so much better. You cannot put anything on or around the TV, and you get to watch TV every day while working. This is the perfect way to make the room nicer because it is easy to hide a small TV on a shelf of your bookcase.

11. Bring In A Storage Trunk

A storage trunk makes a nice piece of furniture for the room, and it could be like a treasure chest that you put in the room and people might even put their feet up on. You could put the trunk alongside your desk, and it could be the one storage spot you have in the room. All the clutter is put away, and the room looks more beautiful because the trunk looks intriguing.

12. Interior Shutters

Interior shutters allow you to decorate the wall around your window or windows so that you do not throw up even more pictures. You are bringing a beautiful element to the room that you would not have had otherwise, and it helps to bring a bit of that old colonial style to the room. Your home office should look as though it was designed by a professional, and interior shutters accomplish that goal pretty easily.

You could take a lot of steps to make your home office as organized as possible, and you could try out things like Shutters by S:CRAFT. Interior plantation shutters make the room look beautiful, and they cut down on clutter along every wall with a window. There are so many things you could do to change the way that you operate in the home office, and you could even figure out what is best for your office so that you can run a company out of it. You should not spend your time rifling through all your stuff when you need a piece of paper, and you can make it so that anything could be done at any time. Your home business gets better, your office is easier to work from, and it looks nice when people come through for a visit.