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3 Contemporary Upgrades to Make to Your Home

Your home is your ultimate investment: it’s your place of comfort and security, so shouldn’t it be a reflection of what makes you happiest? Especially if you’ve been living in your home for a few years, it’s easy for your design choices to start to feel stale and outdated. But there are a number of changes you can make to help liven up your home, and modernize the look and feel. Try these three contemporary upgrades to inject some new life into your home today.

New flooring

Floors are one of the farthest-reaching but often most overlooked elements of home design. Your floors are the base of your rooms, so they easily set the tone. A rich mahogany wood floor creates a classic, earthy aesthetic. Bright, funky tile creates a modern, eccentric look and feel. Carpet floors foster coziness.

Depending on what your current floors are, you can easily make some contemporary upgrades to your flooring with many different alternatives. One of the hottest trends in flooring right now is EVP (engineered vinyl plank), which is a cross between true wood, and vinyl. Vinyl flooring offers the benefit of being very durable, stain-resistant, and water resistant. It’s also much easier to replace. So, merging the desirable aesthetic of wood flooring with the long-lasting qualities of vinyl is a win-win combination. Furthermore, EVP comes in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can easily select a shade that complements or revamps the existing aesthetic of your rooms.

Motorized window covers

Motorized window covers
Another upgrade you can make to your home that will instantly bring you into the 21st century (and beyond) is installing motorized window covers. Window shades are essential to keeping strong daylight and heat out of your home, and giving your privacy. But shades can get dated quickly, and the manual process of opening them, closing them, and slanting them can get tedious (especially if your home has several windows).

If your home has a lot of windows, or if you’re looking for a unique modern touch, consider installing motorized window covers. Motorized window covers are the ultimate in comfort, luxury and technology. With the touch of a button, you can open and close all the windows in your home in a matter of minutes. Motorized coverings are also an excellent option for homeowners with very high or hard to reach windows. If any of these benefits appeals to you, reach out to a motorized covers specialist like rescomdesigns today.

Smart security

Smart security
If you care about the safety and longevity home, then another contemporary upgrade you can make is installing smart security systems. There are more options than ever today for technology advanced home security systems that use door cameras, remote security systems and more to ensure maximum safety for your home. Many of these systems also integrate with phone apps, so you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world. Or even, just check in on the kids before you head home from work. Smart security is a great upgrade for families and single homeowners alike.